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Redox is a free and open source chemistry package that provides support for handling chemical structures, reactions, and data. It is written in the functional programming language OCaml. It can read in standard inorganic compound file formats like PDB, X-Chem, ORCA, JSmol2D/3D, MOL or Chemical Markup Language (CML). As of April 2018 Redox supports catalysis models in QM/MM calculations for all major conformers of CO2. It has bindings to C++11 using the SFINAE-friendly Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 compiler. The interpreter can run on Windows 64-bit platforms using 4 GB of RAM or more. As of April 2018, Redox includes the following functionality: Redox - The open source chemistry package that supports handling chemical structures, reactions, and data. Mergealle - A tool that merges two files in a single file in either a one- or two-step process. If the files being merged have different file formats the user has the option of using a 'reformat' command to convert each in a single step. This feature allows for multiple conformers in a reaction and heteronuclear internal symmetry groups in molecules. Elimination of hydrogen atoms if a molecule has a 'contrast' symmetry group. List - A tool that lists the structure and composition of a molecule or a folder. It can also display a one-line table with column details of the molecular data. List - A tool that lists the structure and composition of a molecule or a folder. It can also display a one-line table with column details of the molecular data. PCB - PCycilline Browser is an application for viewing, editing, and exporting PfamDB files. In addition it allows for searching results from PfamDB using SQLite databases to allow for searching functions in vast chemical databases. Fold - A conformational folding tool that allows the user to select a single conformer or an entire array of conformers and the tool will reorder them into a sequential structure. The tool can also be utilized by changing the order of bonds, angles, and dihedrals manually, which changes the resulting structure. Phenex - A thermodynamic calculator that displays values in multiple formats such as: partial molal thermodynamic properties (mixtures or solutions), molar Gibbs free energy or quantities related to gas-phase properties. It is designed to calculate values, given input data for structures and properties, and create publication quality figures and tables. It allows for the calculation of thermodynamic quantities for systems at infinite dilution and non-equilibrium states as well as enthalpy, entropy, and Gibbs free energy for different states (e.g., at different temperatures, conformations). Heterocyclic - A tool that generates the 3D structure of a molecule containing either a heterocycle or an aromatic group. The user enters either one structure or a folder containing multiple structures and the tool will predict all possible conformers and draw them to match their experimental representation. Protein - A server that returns the 3D structure of proteins given an input sequence name or ID number. It can also predict all possible secondary structures for a protein given the input sequence information.


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